2019 Composition Contest

2019 Great Plains International Marimba Competition

Composition Contest: Work for Solo Marimba with Chamber Ensemble


Composition Requirements

Duration: 3:00-6:00 minutes

Instrument Range: 5.0 Octave Marimba

This competition seeks a technically challenging solo marimba work that requires four mallets. The chamber ensemble accompaniment can include any variety of other percussion instruments that would complement the solo and should be for no more than four additional performers. Additionally, instrumentation and the difficulty of the accompaniment should be appropriate for university level performance.

Submissions must include a digital mock up or recording of the piece and two copies of the score. One score with your name as composer, and one score with no name printed. All submissions will be judged anonymously by a panel of judges. Please e-mail your completed submissions to dane.m.romano@gmail.com

Criteria for selection

  • Meets requirements: duration, instrument range
  • Technical level appropriate for an international collegiate competition
  • Engages the listener
  • Idiomatic
  • Contributes to and/or advances the repertory

Entry Deadline: February 1st, 2019

Winner Announcement: posted to the competition website (http://greatplainsmarimba.com) by March 1st, 2019

After the winning piece has been chosen a recording or mock up will be posted to the competition website.

Collegiate finalists (up to 6 performers) will perform the piece at the live competition on June 30th, 2019.

Recordings of the final round performances will be given to the composer.